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Prenatal Massage is a holistic therapy that aims to provide relief from the pains of pregnancy and promote relaxation and overall well-being.


Prenatal Massage is suitable for pregnant women. It is a therapeutic massage that is specifically tailored to the needs of expectant mothers and can help alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts such as back pain, headaches, and fatigue.

It is important to consult with a doctor or midwife before receiving prenatal massage to ensure it is safe for a particular pregnancy. It is typically performed by a trained physical therapist or prenatal specialist.

The Procedure

Our Prenatal Massage is non-invasive, has no downtime, and has no side effects 100% safe and effective.

The duration of this procedure can vary, but it typically lasts for 60-90 minutes and it can be done in the comfort of your home.

It can involve multiple sessions, as every mother has different needs and conditions. A free assessment and regular treatment are offered for the best results.

Ready To Experience Our Breast Massage?

Ready to Experience Our

Prenatal Massage?

Take care of yourself and your baby during your pregnancy with a relaxing prenatal massage. Schedule your prenatal massage appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prenatal Massage is designed for pregnant women. It involves the use of gentle, non-invasive techniques to help alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, muscle aches, and swelling.

Prenatal Massage is generally considered safe, but it’s important to let your massage therapist know if you have any health concerns or complications during your pregnancy. Some women may not be able to receive prenatal massage during certain stages of their pregnancy, depending on their individual health situation.

Prenatal Massage can help to relieve discomfort and stress, reduce muscle tension, improve sleep, and promote relaxation. Some studies have also suggested that prenatal massage may help to lower the risk of preterm labor, reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve the overall well-being of pregnant women.

During a Prenatal Massage, you will be positioned in a way that is comfortable and safe for both you and your baby. Your massage therapist will use gentle, non-invasive techniques to alleviate any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. You may also be given special pillows or cushions to support your body and ensure your comfort during the massage.

It’s best to schedule Prenatal Massage when you are most comfortable, but it is generally safer during the second trimester. It is also important to communicate with your massage therapist if you have any specific areas you would like them to focus on.

Yes, we do a home service for Prenatal Massage. Call us at 846-62-155 to schedule.

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