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Breast Lymphatic Massage is a holistic therapy that aims to stimulate lymphatic vessels in the breast tissue to help reduce swelling & inflammation, & promote the healing process.


Lymph nodes in the armpit and collarbone aid in draining breast tissue. Swollen nodes in the armpit can indicate engorgement or infection like mastitis. Engorgement causes swelling in the entire breast and discomfort or pain, making it difficult for the baby to nurse. The baby may suck from the nipples but may not receive much milk.

Breast Lymphatic Massage targets the surrounding area of the breast to relieve engorgement, swelling, and blockages. It helps move excess fluid and improve breast health.

The Procedure

Our Breast Lymphatic Massage is non-invasive, with no downtime, and no side effects 100% safe and effective.

The duration of this procedure can vary, but it typically lasts for 60 minutes and it can be done in the comfort of your home.

It can involve multiple sessions, as every mother has different needs and conditions. A free assessment and regular treatment is offered for the best results.

Ready To Experience Our Lymphatic Massage?

Ready to Experience Our

Lymphatic Massage?

Take care of yourself and your baby during your pregnancy with a relaxing prenatal massage. Schedule your prenatal massage appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Lymphatic Massage is a holistic technique that helps to reduce swelling and improve the overall health of the breast tissue after childbirth.

It can help to reduce swelling, improve milk flow, prevent clogged ducts and mastitis, and improve overall breast health.

It is typically recommended to be performed once a week for the first 4-6 weeks after childbirth.

It should not be performed on women who have had breast surgery or have any open wounds on the breast. It should also be avoided if there is any sign of infection or inflammation in the breast tissue.

It is recommended to have a warm shower or apply a warm compress to the breast tissue before the massage to help relax the muscles and increase blood flow.

Yes, we do a home service for Lymphatic Massage. Call us at 846-62-155 to schedule.

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